230px-DancingSeason15 (2)
Presented By:
Hayes Grier & Emma Slater
Judges Adam From TA & Cheryl Burke & Selena Gomez
Original run
November 29,2015-TAB
Season Champions
celebritywinner John Wilkinson
professionalwinner Julianne Hough
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The fifteenth season of Dancing With the Starts Wikia (also known as Dancing with the Starts: All-Stars) began on November 29, 2015

The season featured twelve returning couples, deemed an "all-star cast". Hayes Grier and Emma Slater returned as hosts this season.

The finale marked the first time three female and one Male celebrities competed head-to-head for the mirror ball trophy. Season 8 finalist Shawn Johnson defeated Season 8 champion Nick Cataldo and Season 1 champion Kelly Shumway to win the all-star title.


All the Star from your Favorite Season returning couples Like Sabrina Bryan from Season 5


Weekly scoresEdit

Week 1 premiere NightEdit

This the Premiere of are All Star Season IT GOING TO BE THE BIGGEST SEASON EVER ALL OF THE STARS RUNTER TO SEE IF THEY CAN GET A ANTHER TROPHY. AND ALL OUT THE FIANLST OF ALL THE SEASONS. Danny & Kelly S 17.0 (5.5, 5.5, 6) Cha-cha-cha "You Know I'm No Good"—Amy Winehouse Eliminated

Week 2 Switch-Up NightEdit

Individual judges scores in the chart below (given in parentheses) are listed in this order from left to right: Adam From TA, & Guest only for this and All the Weeks Judge Rumer Willis & Selena Gomez .

The couples were required to switch professional partners this week and learn a new style of dance. Due to the nature of the week, no elimination took place at the end of the show.

Here are the Switch-Up for our StarsEdit

Nick & Drew

Melissa & Jon

Julianne & Apolo

Kelly S & Danny

Kelly M & Justin Bieber

Chelsie & Louis

Mark & Sabrina

Emmitt & Derek

Cheryl & Maksim

Tristan & Shawn

Kirstie & Tony

Joey & Peta

Gilles & Karina

Bristol & Anna

Week 3 The Wiz NightEdit

The Wiz Night is where are Stars Pick they Fovite Song for the Wizard of OZ

Week 4 Team freestyle Week Edit

Rummer , when Selena will be taking another week off. Each couple performed an individual, unlearned dance and a team freestyle. The teams were chosen by the highest scoring couples (Team "") and (Team "").

Week 5 Most Memorable year NightEdit

due to a chronic back problem.Therefore, no one was eliminated at the end of the show.

Week 6 Spring Break SpecialEdit

Couples perform one unlearned dance and a team dance John Danced with (Melissa Rycroft) In Week 6

Week 7 Christmas NightEdit

This is where Our Star will have to do a Christmas Song and THERE WILL NOT BE A Eliminated THAT NIGHT

Week 8 Latin NightEdit

Couples performed unlearned Latin-themed dances; paso doble is introduced. AND YES THERE WILL BE A Eliminated THAT NIGHT A TWO DOUBLE Eliminated

Week 9 American Icons Night (Semifinals)Edit

Couples performed a routine to an unlearned dance, as well as a routine coached and styled by one of the four judges. To avoid favoritism, the judges did not score the couple they coached, so the second round dances received a total score out of 30 instead of the usual 40 points YES THERE WILL BE A Eliminated

Week 10: FinalsEdit

On the first night, couples danced to a dance previously performed, as well as a freestyle routine.On the second night, the remaining couples performed a fusion challenge, having only 24 hours to prepare for the dance.